Dan Newton Poems

Dan Newton Poems

1Dying In Vain
2Love Is

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Love Is
Love is.
Captivating, a mutual feeling we share.
Love is.
Heart-breaking, does it ever break even?
love is.
Motivating, to show we care.
Love is.
Fighting, for what you believe in.

Love is.
Unconditional, if its true.
Love is.
Uncontrollable, you fall in.
Love is.
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Dying In Vain
Walking on an endless sea of sand,
The sun beats down on my skin,
Burning, scorching my body.
Alone in a lifeless abyss,
My cries for help unheard.

I keep trekking, aching, dying.
The sun is relentless with nowhere to hide,
Pushing on further, desperate to survive.
This arid land a sea of . . .
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