L. Rigyra Nidro Poems

L. Rigyra Nidro Poems

1Are You Alone?
2Look To God

Best Poem of L. Rigyra Nidro

Look To God
when you don’t know what you’re doing
when your life is spiraling out of control
look to God

when you are slowly finding your way
and hope is returning
look to God

when things are just peachy
and you feel like nothing can go wrong
look to God

it’s much easier to find God’s presenc . . .
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Are You Alone?
Do you ever feel alone?
Like no one can hear you?
Or even knows you?

Do you ever feel confused?
Like you have nothing to say?
Or don’t even know yourself?

Well, you’re not alone
I know how you feel
I can feel it, too
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