O Anna Niemus Poems

O Anna Niemus Poems

11 28 Ways Wars In Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan Harm Animals
21 Flagwrapped Exhortations By War Profiteers To Young Victims
31 Iran, Magi Astrologers
41 Mad Cow Jello Brand And Mad Deer Gillibrand
51 Nih Lies To Children
61 Obama Wants More Virgin Victims For Volcano Of The Violent
71 Palestine's Donkey Descendants
81 Pedophile Ring For Animals: Heifer International
91 Planekill
101 The Dalai Lama
111 Tonto
121 Turkey Spirits Wish On Their Own Bones
131 Where Is Shalom For Palestine?
141.2 Governor Strickland And Jesus
15100 Std's 10,000 Mtd's
1611 Polar Bear
1712. Ways To End Wars
1818 Acts
1918 Behind Jade Ivy Walls, Scarlet Blood Of Innocents
2018 Episcopalian
2118 Politics Of Governmental Murder
2218 Trilling Means Spending Trillions On Killing
2319 Prolife Antilife
242 War Profiteers Seek Victims For Afghanistan
2521 Dog Haiku
2621 Ways Americans Can Lose Weight
2722 Adele Polk
2822 The Drummer Boys Of Peace
2923 Are Theists More Nonviolent?
3024 Cow Haiku
3125 Rising Sun
3227 Silent Witnesses
33281 War: A Blood Sport
3429 Vote Out The Wings Of Death
3529 What Is Denning?
363 Elephants Sue Republican Party
373 Kinds Of Serial Killers
383. Four Visions Regarding Us Election 2008
3932 Hours Of Jail
40333 Leaves Of Mimosa
4138 Chicken Haiku Attempts
424 Comma Thieves
4345 Bank Robbers Are The Bankers
4445 Causes Of Alzheimer's
455 Concealed Painting
4650 Fires, Arnold Schwarzenegger And John Mccain
4754 Ways War Profiteers Victimize Soldiers And Civilians
4859 Reasons To Stop Mowing Down The Green God Grows
496 Death By Freezing, Fire, Carbon Monoxide, Suicide
506 Point Touchdown

Best Poem of O Anna Niemus

Red Convertible
She is an unusually empathic soul..
and her numberless acts in helping
others to carry their burdens had
manifested as extra weight.

A clairvoyant saw her in a small red convertible....
a precognition of weight loss, red with independence,
and open to the sun of God consciousness

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Funeral Of John F Kennedy
She wrote a poem of
the funeral of John Kennedy,
whose rhythm did repeat
the mournful drum beat . . .
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