Saimin Ninjahs Poems

Best Poem of Saimin Ninjahs

Ode To Secrets
O secrets, so mysterious,
How do you keep others clueless?
So silent and fragile,
One mistake can hurt one forever
Are you better kept to oneself
Or spread to the world?
When your secret is revealed
Do you become a star in the sky?
Is that why you twinkle,
Because you wish the secret wasn't . . .
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The Battle Of Hatred
Their eyes are like shards of ice
The air turns cold
Swords clash
They laugh cruelly
With hearts of stone
Full of malice
They fight to the death

Our mouths are grim
As we stab and slash
We battle like fire and water
I smell mold and rotting fruit
That mix with the smell of charred . . .
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