Best Poem of Kaarem Perawiti

Happy Mothersday Babe.....
Today is closer, to you than
I thought,
I've tried to catch heaven
But it was you Whom I caught,
The first day that
I met you,
I knew you'd be my girl,
It was only a matter of time,
Before you joined me in my world.
Now that you are mine,
I've thanked to God
You've stayed, . . .
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Can Anyone Hear Me?
Confrontation raging flashes intertwined
in my minds eye,
possibilities of running and smashing hands
against the never ending hallways,
crys echoe louder and louder,
my body stiffining as i scream out for help
to my wasted bitterness of a body
that does not seem to move,
life is not this and . . .
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