Best Poem of Hadi Hakkai Renato P.

Fighting The Cold
The goosebumps envelopped her arms
Tickling her with frozen fingers
Until they left her gasping for but one ounce of time
To cover herself, warm her chilled bones
So then but for the ache in her belly
And the pounding of her heart
She’d tick normally around her life’s clock.

But today would be rou . . .
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In The Still Hours Of Night
I look into the dark chocolate ponds of your eyes.
They are smiling,
beckoning me to fall into them.
But I won't.
I can't let you see into my soul;
Peer through me and find my secrets.
I lower my gaze, cathching the golden glow of your skin
Cast by the beam of blue computer light...
Beep! . . .
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