Best Poem of W.M. Rivera

Opening Blinds In The Dark
Life’s daily gets us up, opening blinds,
asking questions, starting the day’s ‘why? ’
me again, stuck in inspiration’s academics.

Did Richard Hugo trigger a miss not honoring
the muse qua muse? Or is it as Valery claims: ¬
a self superior to the self? Or, a kind of ‘dynasty’

passed down, parent to putty? - O . . .
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Blue Wisteria
For Sara,2014

Living 'happily ever after' we walk through
woods near the local School, breathe in
the Spring's penetrating air.

Love takes a lifetime to accept. I think of
the past, the others, reflect
what I feel for them: those futures imperfect.

Plucking hunks of Blue Chinese . . .
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