Best Poem of Ebi Robert

Ebi Sink In Hot Blood.
Ebi sink in hot blood,
unable to submit the theme of the grove,
Inert; but still to poesy, have my eyes.
Drill my dream dry, two times or never mind.

In hot blood, it began,
the fellowship of selekaere flowers,
you will cove to see it,
the smell of the mid-day rose,
the holiness of the . . .
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Boko And Boro
Blood drunk thy lips
over thy teeth and kiss.
kneeling the fore-bean kneel,
over the souls thou kill.

Had thy heart find her place
after thou drain our blood and suck our vein,
round us as rams sold for slatter
after the sounds finds its way.
Mounting a seize on our brains.

verily . . .
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