Best Poem of Hadyn Rodriguez

Moved On And So Happy
Living life with you gone, I don't know how to go on.
When you left out that door, my heart sank to the floor.
The days are way too long and nights feel way too wrong,
without you here beside me it just feels so unlikely.
Next morning I go outside, acting like I have no feelings to hide.
Next thing I know, I met . . .
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Cold Winter
It's so lonely and so cold it's ice, this day belongs to me. Frostbite takes hold of my hands, feet and body. I'm so numb I could die right here and now. Blood drips down my nose and sinks Into my skin. Staring into darkness I stab myself will I leave this earth now or later. My blood drips and pours all over In the snow. I can't feel . . .
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