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C. M. Scullin Poems

2Transition (Or Enigma)

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Transition (Or Enigma)
I am a conservative liberal.
I am a law-abiding criminal.
I am a non-smoking toker.
I am a serious joker.
I am a hate-filled amorist.
I am a patriotic anarchist.
I am a monogamous swinger.
I am a brain-dead thinker.
I am an abstinent nympho.
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Measures of a severed heart.
Every inch is torn apart.
Can't imagine trudging on.
Every hope, all love has gone.

Lying here alone, so lost!
To move, to speak, too great a cost.
No more courage to be brave.
Empty, silent, as the grave.

(November,2010/ Calmar, IA) . . .
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