Best Poem of Zach Shaffer

'Why Don'T You Understand? ' The Spoken Stalker
I'm aware that you despise me,
And yet I dont know why,
Is it because I'm ugly,
Or because your shy,
I cant find words,
To express myself,
My feelings are there,
Upon the shelf,
I cant say I love you,
and I doubt I ever will,
You'll never say you love me too,
You dont know . . .
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To Someone
Boredom it is overtaking,
Stupid thoughts my brain is making,
The fact that I'm alone is breaking,
Just like my heart people are taking,
I can't find my self again,
And all my love it seems is spent,
Yet all the feelings have not been,
Returned now, , I need them all,
But all before I start to . . .
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