Best Poem of J S Shankar

A Toy- To Toll And Tear
I'm a toy whoever came in my life
Toll it ever harder and left it back like tattered and cut off wings of a dead sparrow.
No body to reconstruct and play again
For I had deadly music
Alive was when.
Firstly, my creater toll me;
Then the surrounding ambience.
Suddenly, Inanimate as I but heart sprinkled . . .
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My First Lady Love
We met on a lucrative bet,
Which our sad love symphony set.
Let go in whoopy flashback,
Which again us on same track pack.
First we met on departmental set,
Those innocent eyes were eager to chat.
Those mascara coated eyes,
Were enough to fix the fragile ties.
Her crew-cut hair and gaudy smile . . .
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