C. Edgar Nolan Poems

C. Edgar Nolan Poems

1They Were Beautiful
2Yesterday's Demons

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They Were Beautiful
In the City of Angels, twin girls were born
on the eve of the autumn equinox.

“They’ll live for a while, a few minutes perhaps.
Would you like to see them while they’re alive? ”

I shook my head and lowered my eyes,
then whispered the words, “I can’t.”

Glass doors, green walls,
and tattered maga . . .
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Yesterday's Demons
Cut the deck and play your hand,
Gamble with love, but understand.
The immaculate prince who sings with the band
Is not trading today in sympathy.

The angel of mercy flies out the door,
As you fall to your knees on the hardwood floor.
You cry from the pain, but there’s only more,
And scream to the m . . .
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