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I Loved Yhu Then And I Will Love Yhu Now♥
I Have Thought Of Yhu As My All, But Can't Trust Yhu
Yhu Lie To Me And Say Things Yhu Know Are Not True,
Yhu Do Things For Yourself Not Thinkin Of Me,
And Then When We Have A Arguement or dissagree All The Blame Gets Put On Me,
So Now Its Time For Me To Move On With My Memories In My Sleeve And My Thoughts Of Yhu In . . .
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Until We Meet Again
My Love For Yhu Will Never Leave
Cause In My Heart I Know That Yhu Complete Me
With Yhu By Ma Side We Are Like Tigger And Pooh
Never Mindin Wat The Haters Say
About Me And Yhu
Now Im Sayin I Love Yhu but Yhu Just Dont Understand
I Want To Be Ya Ladie Cause Yhur Always My Number 1 Man!
I Will Love Yhu Now . . .
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