Best Poem of Iam notThou

Do Thy Dare Claim Angel
To be painted like genuine moonlight,
That spill'd from thine eyes in generous flow;
O Come, sweeping shadow, on t'ward the night!
Back'd by thy sainted sky of scarlet glow;
Rise quick, my feathers, and tempest shall part!
While violet clouds now ascend from the dark;
If Sun, or Moon! should so hasten . . .
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What Colorless Sunshine
What colorless sunshine beams from her eyes
That meets said moonlight in heav'nly liason?
While she wakes early 'gainst the horizon,
Hues unknown by angels brighten pale skies.

What lovely smile adds years to lifetimes
That uplifts the clouds, higher and higher?
Who tears the wings from the riant . . .
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