1 Why Do People Keep Saying, I'M Sorry, For Things They Know They'Ll Do Again?
2 hypnagogic
3 to The Light
4 watashi Wa Wakarimasen.
5С о в е р ш е н с т в о п о э з и и
6ق ا س ي ا ل ق َ ل ْ ب ، ع َ د ي م ا ل ر أ ف َ ه
7太 阳 把 它 嘲 笑 .
8洗 腦 (Xǐ Nă O, Literally 'Wash Brain')
9İNside The Arms Of The House
10Σ τ α λ α γ μ ί τ η ς
11♫ ♪ ♫ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♫ ♪ ♫
12' A Discourse On Pleasure '
13' I Am Not Lonely' He Quipped.
14' The Last Dance Of Your Life '
15' The Truth About His Place '
16' What Is Life? Let Us Talk About It '
17'Bad Karma, Always Bad Karma' The Old Woman Tells Us.
18'Ela Toghat Al Alaam' (To The Tyrants Of The World) أ ب و ا ل ق ا س م ا ل ش ا ب ي ‎ ;)
19'Forgive Me, I Am Damned'
20'I Still Have Time'
21'I Won’t Know What Unhappiness Is. If My Life Is Not Fully Shattered'
22'In The History Of Language The First Obscenity Was Silence'.
23'Release Me, You Fool! '
24'Surely It Is Not I, Rabbi? ' He Answered, 'You Have Said So.'
25'The Concept Of The Artist As A Rebel'
26'To The One Who Cannot Drink, Do Not Show Water'
27'Tonight At Ten'.
28'Trutify' The 'I' First
29'Twas The Twilight
30'Vivien, This Looks Like Something The Lord Made.'
31( X X X)
32((Hurting Realities))
33(a Fantasy At The Train Station)
34(is Cheating A Virtue?)
35(princess Revised) ...
36* * *
37***just One Thing***
38. Pain
39.. Under The Most Stressful Circumstances....
40... Facetious
41... So Much
43.... A Beautiful Life....
44.... And Then I Fly Away....
45.......But Still Uttered.
46......That Compassion
47......The Tree
48.....Expect Nothing......Just Scrabble
49.....I Am Imitating You

Best Poem of RIC S. BASTASA

A spoiled brother
who gets what he wants
as always
has made you a ghost
town again. . . .
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In Mindanao
no one likes violence and everyone wish
an end
to everything violent
to stop the sound of guns
to let the children have the soundest sleep

this war
about land and religion, this must end
we just want to get over these
and over with

why must we quarrel over some patches of this land
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