O. Abbas Mimiko Poems

O. Abbas Mimiko Poems

1In The Cold
2Sweet Nuptial Dream

Best Poem of O. Abbas Mimiko

Sweet Nuptial Dream
Oh fluttering pretty butterfly
At your make I gasp with daze
Let me join your dazzling dance
Laced with grace of swaggering steps

Oh sensuous playful butterfly
To your songs I simply sway
Come play me your silken flute
Treat my heart to blissful tunes

Of gentle precious . . .
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In The Cold
Searching for my soul
from the rubble left of rage
Muzzled in my moaning
as you rope me down for rape
Waiting to my ban
that the ranting stops the craze
Hanging on my hope
since you gamble me for gain
Pleading in my pain
as the babies wail in vain
Aching in my vein
for the . . .
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