Dana Obst Poems

Dana Obst Poems

1For A Jerk
2In My Existence

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In My Existence
Sitting on a window sill
And thinking still
Of all the things
The world brings
And takes away as well

Sitting in a beauty chair,
Dying, curling cutting hair.
Cant take it with me anyway
Leave it on my dieing day
Peroxide blonde and fair.

Sitting in a chair that’s blue,
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For A Jerk
I would relieve you of derisions,
but you make your own decisions.
Your follow a fool's impulse,
your actions force repulce.
From all who have ill luck,
and in your company get stuck,
I offer them much pity,
but never would be picky.
Better them than me
As I am far away and free. . . .
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