Xaviera Pfeiffer Poems

Xaviera Pfeiffer Poems

1Her Last Christmas
2My Dear Soldier

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My Dear Soldier
Farewell my dear soldier.
As you march off the mainland.
Over the seas.
My heart will yearn for you till you return.
Come home soon, where you're deeply missed and loved.
My dear soldier.
I shed tears for you.
As you pass by with the flag.
Your hand over your heart.
Dear soldier be safe . . .
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Her Last Christmas
The cold is here.
As I play in the snow.
Laughing and enjoying the crystal flakes.
Throwing snow balls at my little sister.

Mother is sick.
Deathly ill.

Murmuring words into my father’s ear.
What though?
My father’s lips move to form promises.

Cancer is her illness.
A . . .
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