Best Poem of Yahdaj Roseney

I Have
Ive crossed then river of sorrow
Ive broken the mirror of dreams
Ive drowned in my own tears
Ive gotten lost in my thoughts
Ive laughed in the face of death
Now I sit feeling no pain
Stronger than I am looking up to the sky
Wondering why we cry
So this is the last time I shed a tear
Nothing can . . .
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Beautiful Flaws && All
Everytime you will question me say
'you f***ing them girls, disrespecting me?
You don't see how your lies is affecting me?
You don't see how our life was supposed to be?
And I never let a ni**a get that close to me and
you slipped up on what you was supposed to be,
you're always gone, always be where them . . .
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