B.. Sheldrick Poems

B.. Sheldrick Poems

1For Mum
2Tiger Eyes

Best Poem of B.. Sheldrick

Tiger Eyes
Beautiful blue, tiger eyes,
You’ll reign on me once more.
For your heart I will remain,
‘til you forget what came before.

Beautiful blue, a cloudy blue,
A smoke screened, lazy stare.
I beg that you just look at me
I need to know you care.

Beautiful blue, a brighter blue,
I see it . . .
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For Mum
My mum approached the cage
And set me free once more.
I tried to take a step alone
And fell right to the floor.

My mum, she came to me
And she lay down on the floor
She said “hunni it’ll be alright,
We’ll fly again once more”

My mum she looked at me,
Eyes brighter than before,
And t . . .
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