Best Poem of H. K. Tang

Elegy For A Molar
Dear molar
Since the dentist extracted you with force
I have been burdened with remorse
Sometimes we need to listen to harsh voices
Don’t be taken in by sweet and easy choices

Dear molar
You may recall he is not our first
Not even the second but the third
We used to like the first who’s so swe . . .
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Scarlett And Rhett
(Argibufo blanc is a fictitious spider species, la ground is French for big, le court is French for short.)

If you’re a female Argibufo blanc,
You would be a foxy Snow White la grand.
If I were a male Argibufo blanc,
I’d be an eight-legged Dwarf dandy le court.
You’d be cunning at setting silky traps.
I’d . . .
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