Kabiru Sulaiman Poems

Kabiru Sulaiman Poems

1Hate Vs Love
2Unwelcome Visitor

Best Poem of Kabiru Sulaiman

Hate Vs Love
For hate and love will never be
I don't know which is
more severe,
but u are to judge
which is so rare,
It seems everyone
knows which to fear

Hate and love,
the latter
makes you care, while the former leads you to tears
For both of them you
can solely swear . . .
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Unwelcome Visitor
She is from the desert centre
madly thirsty of water
she swallows all moisture.

She roars,
she swirls,
she hurls at us dust.

She sweeps streets,
she brushes floors,
she dumps at us.

We dance unwillingly
in her dancing,
in her song we make chorus
we shiver . . .
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