Best Poem of G.Shyam Sundar

Dulcet & Felicity Of Love
Love is a word which uplifts the tongue.
Gives compassion to the head,
Horns the temple to rule it,
Cleanses the human rock with an alarm,
Feathers the heart with a moisturizer,
Powers the arms like a Bruiser,
Stills the sticks in a posture,
Swims the eyes with colorless liquid,
Soothes the . . .
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Friends, Like Minded
A casual look and a pleasant smile happens to be the prologue of this relationship,

There is no confusion for what to converse, where to meet, where to go and what to do.

There is no ambit of margin drawn directly or implicated in a hidden manner,

Same perceptions and preferences, same habit and also . . .
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