H. Rand Swansey Poems

H. Rand Swansey Poems

3I Dream Of A Wood

Best Poem of H. Rand Swansey

Fear is rain,
a promise: of no uncovered inches,
of smothered masses.
It sneaks and seeks to
consume its prey unaware,

engulfs with clammy hands.
It falls in drips and drops,
seeps into crevices once
dry and protected, safe and sheltered.

It maddens with a steady
stream of . . .
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You arrived like a cowlick
an unruly shock of childhood rising petulantly,
denying the comb, refusing to be tamed.
With bold, convicted certitude,
you shuffled to the chair and
promptly you announced,
'I need the works! '
This would prove no easy charge.

Instinctively, the edges of my . . .
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