Uforo Umoh Poems

Best Poem of Uforo Umoh

Sunset At Noon
Like fallen flowers
On trodden villainous path
Unwholesomely mercied at
Whims of cruel fate's feet,
Your beauty blurred,
Leaving my psyche eclipsed
In umbra of grief.

Still green, nurtured
To bloom to ripeness,
Our hopes shattered
As you got prised
From the stalk
By fate's . . .
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Nature's Night
As darkness embraces
What light left behind,
And pall settles over
Our optical pieces,
Nocturnal nannies babysit
The night.

While we bury ourselves
In secured fortresses
Aghast of the dread,
For in our clime
Death walks the nighttide,
Creatures impetuously
Defile her . . .
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