Best Poem of Obaro Useh

The Lone Star
…Uncomfortable. Hot and tired
Couldn’t sleep, got up and looked around.
Sat-up in bed and looked out the window…

Listen to the wind blow…a bit strong.
Quiet night, looking out in the distant
“See the sky that never seems to go dark”
“I can see the out line of the mountain…
…The different shade of sky…”
Still . . .
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The Window
The eye, the window to the soul?
What do you see when you look at me?
What image forms in your mind?
Confident and strong? Or just “one of them”?

What can you see from my window?
Who do you think I am?
I see your window
And I fall in the comfort of its warmth.
My legs feel warm
All I can . . .
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