Gabriel de la Concepcion Valdes Poems

Best Poem of Gabriel de la Concepcion Valdes

Farewell To My Mother
The appointed lot has come upon me, mother,
The mournful ending of my years of strife,
This changing world I leave, and to another
In blood and terror goes my spirit's life.

But thou, grief-smitten, cease thy mortal weeping
And let thy soul her wonted peace regain;
I fall for right, and thoughts of thee . . .
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Prayer To God
Oh God of love unbounded! Lord supreme!
In overwhelming grief, to thee I fly;
Rending this veil of hateful calumny,
Oh, let thy arm of might my fame redeem!
Wipe thou this foul disgrace from off my brow,
With which the world hath sought to stamp it now!

Thou King of kings, my fathers' God and mine,
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