C.F. van Niekerk Poems

Best Poem of C.F. van Niekerk

Know Yourself
Know yourself

I was born as a son.
I lived as a boy.
I grew as a male.
And fought as the tough.
I stood as the strong.
I thought as a poet.
I listened as a professional.
I played as an addict
I slept as the pleased.
I ate as in a feast.
I worked as an expert.
I . . .
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Blood Out
'Blood out”

If we fight why do we love?
I we love why do we fight?

We say, “Let live”, but then we war.
We say, “Save the child”, but abortions are the norm.

Respect, honour, prosperity is our pride,
But strife, division, and rivalry are on our side.

“So what is right, not what is wro . . .
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