Best Poem of A. D. Varrone

Magic Madness
Lost in a portrait I saw as a boy,
of posing flamingos and tropical sun.
Suzanne is calling from out of her window,
a sweet invitation for oranges and rum.
Dive in the dawn of her shimmering ways,
“Love me for ever”, she said,
or give me your power for only a day”,
then drove me right out of my head. . . .
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Old Vegas Money
They put their colored chips on the table.
She deals au-to-mat-ic-ally.
He’s living it up in old Rancho Circle,
right where old Vegas money should be.
He made all his dough in the ‘50’s.
It’s best if you don’t ask him how.
She was just a gleam in her daddy’s eye,
But if her daddy got a look at her now…
F . . .
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