M R Vishnuprasad Poems

M R Vishnuprasad Poems

1Sheep In Moonlight
2The Disguise
3The Zoo

Best Poem of M R Vishnuprasad

The Zoo
House is near to the zoo,
a hired killer
A bird lover.
Collecting the feathers
makes albums.

In the holidays
goes alone to the deep forest
in the outskirts of the city.
Those times I don’t carry
gun and knife.
Without any weapons
when I walk
tigers and snakes
comes in s . . .
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Sheep In Moonlight
My mother's sheep
sleep blissfully
on the tall haystack
leaping to touch the moon.

As I swirl a top of thirst
in the sheep's starch fodder
the sheep caresses me
with its wet nose.

The desire
of my sleepless
penis spreads a haystack
in the courtyard.
He befriends . . .
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