Best Poem of M.A. Wood

Poem Of An Unloved Greek...
Why do you damn me Fates?
Curse me to live unloved?
Am I so unworthy?
Are the Gods so heartless?

Forget my thread of life,
Forget my need of love,
Doomed either way am I,
For the Fates do their job;
Unstoppable by hands,
At least these mortal hands,

Though what god . . .
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Dance Of Ages....
Here upon the ground do I lie,
The hint of death upon my eye,
No longer can I see,
The man I used to be;
Though when the clouds float away,
My eyes close upon the light of day.

So now I dance, the Dance of Ages,
A thing talked by sages,
A forever timeless era,
Passing forever more . . .
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