Zac Woodruff Poems

Zac Woodruff Poems

1Path To Hell
2The Damned

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The Damned
Locked away feelings I always shall keep,
Deep within, for I shall not weep,
For those I love, always I lie,
And never reveal my longing to die.

Day by day, nothing but haze,
Ever hoping for a change in my ways,
Forever and always unable to cope,
With the despair that blacks out the hope.
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Path To Hell
The despair departs, exhaustion stays,
Still its enough, to see sun's shiny rays,
But how long will it last, none can say,
And I just don't know, can I live life this way?

The unending sadness, the days so dark,
A glimmer of happines, worth a calendar mark.
Yet I must go on, there's no way out,
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