Best Poem of Z3T Wyatt

Death Fairy
As I sleep, nightmares creep into me
One by one, night by night
I am stalked by my own shadow
Loved by my own fear
Restraining myself with my own chains
Bones creak and crunch by my own knife
And I bleed rivers of blood
Ears are impaired
All I see is red
My throat tightens, I am out of breath
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Consume Me (No More)
Then it hit me, I'm not real anymore
The longer I wait, the more I want to give up
Then I wonder; what in this hell am I living for?

A black whole has come to consume me
I welcome it to my gladdest degree
With open arms it wraps around me
As I crash down to my shattered knees

It tells me to be . . .
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