Sweet zyy Poems

Sweet zyy Poems

1Death Note
2Heart Beat

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Death Note
I was standing in the dark
Feeling empty and useless
I stare my life before my eyes
I wasn't sure of my existence

I feel the breeze touches my skin
It was my soul floating helplessly
Separated from my body

I tried to shout
But no one cares, not even my own body
I stood still staring . . .
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Heart Beat
Yeah, its been awhile this beats exist. It thuds and it thumps the soul they’ve been missing, it’s a sign, an unconditional mark of complexity, it’s the symbol of existence that will soon appear, as its always been true to me. The beats that I always denied, but true, indescribable.

Once, it sparks me of the disappearance that will . . .
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