Best Poem of Ian Bauer

Hippie Zombies Vs. The World
Here they come, hippie zombies from the grave!
All they want is peace and brains!
Praise for nonviolence as munching on organs,
these flower-power dead have no shame.
They dance and eat and munch and funk,
these zombie hippies fall apart from too
much poetry and psychedelic rock.
Don't worry, their . . .
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The Dirty Demon
I was sleeping one night, and suddenly awoke.
The grogginess was almost unbearable to stand.
In pain, until I stood and my joints started
to pop like a campfire. It was that timeā€¦bath
room break in the dead of night. Hobbling
out to the bathroom, I felt uneasy. Something
was watching me, or my bladder was just < . . .
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