Xavier Morgenstar Poems

Best Poem of Xavier Morgenstar

The Lay Of Eldar The Brave
upon the flimsy bridge he stood,
with mighty chasm lying beneath,
and blood red eyes locked upon him,

axe in hand he charged the beast,
and slew the foul being,
naught but a single blow was dealt,
for only one was needed,

And so, he took its head and left it dead,
to rot in . . .
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Eragon And Stronghammer
astride mighty blue dragon,
with red blade in hand,
he destroys his foes,
in his quest to reprimand,

upon fiery land,
the unfeeling hordes,
threatened to overwhelm,
when mighty Strong-Hammer,
changed the tide,
with flaming spear and graven hammer,

betrayed by one . . .
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