Da Costa Nabeelah Poems

Best Poem of Da Costa Nabeelah

Little Blue Eye Near The Sea
I can see the beach,
Its almost as if the sea is talking to me,
Beckoning me towards it,
Its waves so high,
They are like great beasts,
Roaring across a frozen land,
The foam on their tips,
Is their spittle,
Their rage reaching towards the very sky,
I can feel their anger,
Its . . .
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A Year In My Bedroom
All I hear is the screaming silence,
It's echoing in my ears,
I'm all alone here,
No-one to talk to,
Just four white washed walls.
Walls that used to be my sanctuary,
Now turned foe.
Loneliness washed over me,
It hurts more than a piercing blade.
I never knew pain like this.
I hate it . . .
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