Best Poem of M.D Dinesh Nair

As We Tread Together
As she treads the path alone,
As she treads till the walk ends,
I too will stop not, it is my word.

Birds flying to Siberia stop not,
Then why should she and I?
As the boulders large slice her toes,
As the thorns sharp hurt her heels,
She fears not, and I am with her.
Fishermen venturing . . .
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Quiet Flows A Small River
Quiet flows a small river
And a small boat floats on its silence.
Nothing goes wrong for some time-
Nothing at all goes wrong....

There blooms a flower on the face of the lone sailor
As the river recedes and his boat triumphs forward,
He begins to sing a song-
A sweet song...

Nothing goes . . .
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