Best Poem of R. T. Smith

Wade Seego Believes Soylent Green Is People
Down here we say we dare defend our rights,
our state motto. I'd back Charlton Heston
for any office in the land. A Christian,
he speaks right up. He's got his head on straight,
and people listen. Even on the screen
of a honky-tonk TV he still looks
like a hero, and he wouldn't let freaks
take over our . . .
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We shall not all sleep,
but we shall all be changed.
Two nights he came to me, mute,
on fire, no dream. I woke to find
the window embered and fog filling
the willows. The third time
he was milder and early, his gray form
all ash. He said to me at bedside, kneeling,
"You must say . . .
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