Best Poem of Ra'ana Dilruba Yasmin Ra'ana Dilruba Yasmin

Stay My Friend
the night lark
offering her heart.
reclining moon,
as if, a half-lit kerosene lamp
drenched in ceaseless pain
warmth of
a distant
last star of the night..

stay my friend, the night is yet to end

Searing my being, my heart, the soul
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Maui'I Rainbows
In the distance…

A melancholic reflection of
The setting sun
Liquid blush…
Of some Eternal Bride
Mirrored image,
Limpid pools of ‘Kohl’ eyes
Tell tales of
Imaginary friends…

Assurances that were deep
Unfathomable as the night
Wafting desires of ‘Pikake`’ breeze
A . . .
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