Best Poem of P. J. Radford

Crew Change
My friend Syd had a pain in his head.
He had a bike one day and now he's gone away.
And Esteecee then, and his many men
so beautiful lying dead, all the worms have fed.
John was giving peace a chance, led us a merry dance
'til some mother-humper's son went and shot him with a gun.
And Martin Luther King of . . .
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A Wait In Kuala Lumpur
Sprawled on my bed in my KL cell
I search through my head to note
this heaviness in the dark.
Some sounds of life beyond the whirring of my
ceiling fan, this fan that like a mother does
comfort me, like a lover does caress my skin
with its soft touch, like an old friend serves
so nicely to take the . . .
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