Best Poem of G. Akanji Olaniyi

Coming Of Age
Believe it or not! I have come of age
But I am not yet a sage
With all these stories in a baggage
It does contain any rage
Yes! I am out of the cage
And need not employ a carriage
Though left with many a bandage
The narration is rich in foliage
Countless and strong of many a rampage
They all . . .
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Omo Aje Bota!
Ewo omo aje bota
To n’look down si omo to jade ninu gota
O lohun ole ba jade lo sita
Nitori pe odabi omota
Ogbagbe pe aye pe meta
Igba ti aba ta
Igba ti ak
Ati igba ti kosi ohun ti a o ta
Tani omo ojo t’oja ota
Tabi ojo ti konita
Tabi owo ti a o se ta
Afi Olohun to da wa si aye met . . .
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