Best Poem of Gab Oso

Hold On
This world is hard.
But you don’t have to go.
This world is gone.
But you can’t let go.
This life is sad,
We all know.
You’re all alone and no one hears you.
Just know that we all bleed the same way as you do.
Just know that we all have the same things to go through.
Just hold on.
Hold on if yo . . .
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The End (Of Soccer)
The adrenaline.
The excitement.
The energy.
It surrounded the field.
The whistle blew.
One team against another.
One world against another.
They raced for the ball.
Dribble, dribble, pass shoot.
The other team scored.
Two minutes into the game.
Cheers came from one side of the field.
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