S.C. Ouel Poems

Best Poem of S.C. Ouel

The raindrops dear,
So crisp and clear,
Sing now soft and slow.
Sweet voices hum,
Rhythmically drum,
They play as zephyrs blow.
The stirring breeze
Rustles the trees,
The pines its instrument.
But percussion lacks,
So enter the cracks
And booms from skyward sent.
This . . .
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Softly, Sleep
Let the darkness, sweet and mild,
Rock you like a little child.
Let the black and velvet sky
Sing you a soft lullaby.
Let the loving breeze, like lace,
Wrap you in it's sweet embrace.
Let the moon, as soft as milk,
Cover you in priceless silk.
Let the stars up where they lay
Make you forget . . .
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