S.C. Ouel Poems

Best Poem of S.C. Ouel

The raindrops dear,
So crisp and clear,
Sing now soft and slow.
Sweet voices hum,
Rhythmically drum,
They play as zephyrs blow.
The stirring breeze
Rustles the trees,
The pines its instrument.
But percussion lacks,
So enter the cracks
And booms from skyward sent.
This . . .
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Silken Music
Silken music,
Softly entwine
Souls desperate
For their repose

Fingers, shift,
Fly, then align
Five per hand
Each mayn't oppose

Every note, a seed,
Each one is thine
Ere they bloom
And thy soul expose

Ardent love within
Art in music fine
Absorbed in . . .
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