P. L. Hunter Poems

P. L. Hunter Poems

1The Cylcone
2Within Thy Cradle

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Within Thy Cradle
Remember when walking was a grown-up pace
When it was fun to run with the wind in our face
When sun and moon stood still for us to play
When a golden treasure was a sun-drenched day
Vacant hours eagerly explored with certainty
That nothing mattered but busyness and me

When fruit was juicier from . . .
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The Cylcone
We are confused heartsore bloodied and raw
We reel like drunkards who cannot drink any more
But you Domoina hissed and spat gorged yourself full
You reared and charged like a big angry bull
You rose and rose till your water covered our land
Then being replete, you belched out the sand

Frail bodies . . .
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