Rachelle May Paderos Poems

Rachelle May Paderos Poems

2Shelter In His Wings

Best Poem of Rachelle May Paderos

Every time i woke up my 1st thought is you
whenever i go your shadow makes me feel blue
what would i do, can you give me a clue?
hey! were inseparable, that's me and you

could you not let go of my hand?
cos I'm praying to attain this unending bond
for i could not live without seeing your presence each . . .
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Shelter In His Wings
when doubts and fears arrive
he devil rejoice and deride
dont forget that he is near
witholding those doubts and fear

run to shelter see to discover
how wonderful his grace without uncover
perfect peace you will receive
forsake the devil and you will never be deceive

beneath his wings we . . .
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