Best Poem of R.M. Belcher

The Depraved Wretch Calls Out To God
Where are You when I need You the most?
The time when I'm hurt, lost, naked, cold;
When I could not possibly be more lonely;
When all those around me don't give a damn?
Where are you in my hour of trial?
There are many who say
He don't care, He don't exist, He is dead.
But I know that isn't true.
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This Is What I Want
The feeling of wanting someone you cant have
The pain of knowing you’ll never fall asleep with her
Feels like someone rippin out your freakin heart
Then throwing it back in your face and mocking you.
I don’t understand what plan He has
Sometimes I doubt it will work out.

My heart aches to have her, to hol . . .
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