Vaibhav (Vibhu) Pandey Poems

Vaibhav (Vibhu) Pandey Poems

1A Raindrop

Best Poem of Vaibhav (Vibhu) Pandey

Breaking the prison,
I will fly,
sky will be the limit,
high and high.

I'll win over the sun,
I'll win over every star,
I'll enlighten every soul,
far and far.

Melting the seed,
I will grow,
tearing the earth,
more and more.

To shadow my family,
and . . .
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A Raindrop
A raindropp fall on my cheeks,
it seemed as a dropp of tear on my face to you...

You came running and hugged me,
to share the grief I was going through...

To feel your extreme love,
if this is the only way...

I pray for a raindropp every moment,
I pray for a raindropp everyday. . . .
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