October Rush Poems

Best Poem of October Rush

My Sister
she sweet and kind,
she beautiful and funny
she luvs me 4 me
and shes super fun to b around!

i luv my sister 4 who she is,
and i luv to b around her.
if i ever lost her, i dont think i would survive,
of course without my gaurdian angel i would kill myself.

LUV YA MK (L) XD . . .
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My Gaurdian Angel
i never thought the day would come
or who my gaurdian angel would become.
I always thought, i would be alone 4ever,
But finding my angel, never.
She makes me feel happy,
i cant believe that when i laugh, im ACTUALLY laughing.
she makes me smile,
and that normally only takes a lil while.

i . . .
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